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Brake Service at Executive Nissan

Do your brakes need some maintenance? It’s very important for both you and your passengers to make sure your brakes are in their best condition. If your brakes aren’t working properly or you want to get them checked out, make an appointment with the Service Center at Executive Nissan.

There are some signs you can look for that your brakes are not working properly. Some of these include: your brakes make a squeaking sound, you hear a grinding sound when your car stops, the brake pedal moves closer to the ground than normal, or it takes longer distances for the vehicle to stop. Any time you feel something is not right about your car’s brakes, be sure to schedule a maintenance check.

Pricing for brake service starts at $129.95. To see all brake services we offer, click here.

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If you are having trouble with your car’s brakes or you feel like something is off, schedule an appointment with the Executive Nissan Service Center. To make an appointment, click here.